After Words was conceived, developed and written by me, Emma Hill – you can read more about my work on my website.

The story cover was designed by Jo Walker, whose work you can view here. Thank you Jo for your encouragement and for your beautiful cover.

The technology consultant was Pete Bennett, who supported me with the creation of the poem as an infinity loop. You can find out more about Pete here. Thank you Pete for all your help and advice.

A massive thank you to the young people aged 11-16 I worked with to get feedback and advice on my story: Ted, Tami, Mohammed, Adam, Sam, Kaitlynn, Emily, Zara, Sana, Iqra, Isabella, Namrita, Calum, Iman, Lewis, Libby, Evan, Joseph, Noor, Zaynah, Finn, Sunil and Dara.

Thank you Joseph Amoah, for your advice, encouragement and story feedback.

Thank you Nicole Robinson and Kirsty Taylor for checking the final version for me.

Thank you to carers, parents and relatives of the young people who gave feedback.

Thank you all at Nesta and everyone involved in the Alternarratives scheme.

Thank you Tim & Ted – my greatest inspiration and support.