The Future of After Words

The Loop Continues

There are three ways I am looking to continue to evolve After Words:


I want to explore After Words with readers aged 11-16. I want to develop workshop materials and processes to be enjoyed by readers in group work with me, remotely on the After Words website and during lessons and workshops in schools, youth groups and other settings.


Building on the display of the 05:00 – Infinity Poem, I want to explore how to display the whole text of the story, links and other content as one big infinity loop, which can be experienced in a straight line, or by moving around the narrative in a constant loop.

I want to work towards displaying the loop of the story in two ways:

As an interactive, immersive experience on display all around readers in a large space, for example – in a library, school, gallery, tent at a festival, or using VR in their own homes.

As digital screen, infinity loop experience to be explored on a phone, tablet, laptop, TV, or games console.


The narrative of After Words asks readers to become writers and creators, by using any one of a large number of jumping-off points to create their own stories, lists and content.

I want to create opportunities for readers and writers to add to the original narrative with their own editorial and thereby add to the infinity loop of humanity’s storytelling history.

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